13 comments on “Eureka seveN AO Episode 1 v2 with Patches

  1. And thanks to the guest editor who is helping the group on this show… :P

  2. Awesome! I”m suck a huge Eureka Seven fan. Loved the initial show. Cannot wait to see how this unfolds. So far good pace, hope they don’t rush things.

  3. I went through the thing and found that there was a seemingly small error with catastrophic results. Around 24:47 there is a mistranslation. You wrongly translated it to “Amber” when it should be “Mama”. Ao remembered Eureka who was his mother. Can you create a patchfile to fix this?

    • So sorry about that… I thought it was that but I couldn’t hear it well enough and wasn’t confident enough to change it… sorry orz

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