We have rebooted this subbing project with new members and new shows.

We will be doing: Shirobako {white box}

Hope you like our work.

And for those people who have suffered from our past releases, sincere apologies.

With that said, let’s move forward.


A note for the comment section: Judging what this group would do based on past performance is a naive mentality.

We will try our best to bring you the quality which was lacking in our previous releases.

-thanks for reading-

Release later today.

Change of plans, we will be doing “Nanatsu no taizai” {The seven grievous sin}

We need to catch up on this show, expect a release by Sunday, promise.

Ok, our only timer and TS is hospitalized and we had to deal with our website going offline…

Don’t know when our will progress… maybe it will but the odds seems to be against us.

Will try to sub nanatsu no taizai, but don’t hold on to us. (I am sure you aren’t)

Thanks for reading


We are going into Hiatus cause our translator had to leave for some important job that he had

We will start work from maybe spring 2014. Well, our donation drive was the last one for this year, to cut cost we are shutting down our processes.

Till then we will finish love lab (maybe) and do some odd jobs as well.


ain't she cute

The reason for the recent delays in Love lab are as following::

1. Server DOWN [offline]
2. Personal PC DOWN [HDD fail = all data lost]
3. Health failure [extreme fever]
4. Staff failure [extreme lag]
So we will release love lab latest ep tomorrow. And won’t do any more lag drama this season.


Cause for them friggin editors, we can’t do more then 1 or 2 shows even though we have the capacity to do 3 to 5!!!

Some smart ass who has them kimi no iru machi held up in his pouch retorted that “the translator Edits his own script”…

Oh, we all know how famous we are for releasing absolutely notorious shows that makes them think whether we has(yes, has) any formal knowledge on Engrish. We can’t get more notorious then we are now, so we opted against that smart plan which would have(most certainly) ruined your eyes and destroyed your senses like we systematically did with Mr.D_S from shitmore. The guy has turned into an absolute pessimist as of late, which we deeply don’t regret.

We are an ambitious group and we would realllly like to work on (or screw up miserably) a lot of shows = we need a lot of slaves staffs to achieve that.

We are changing the Editorial requirements, that is, you have to speak good English and have good grammar and language skillz (wait, wasn’t this there to begin with?)

I don’t care if the sh*t flows or not, your job requirement is simple: just make sure that there isn’t any grammar and spelling error in the script.

Anyway, given our current LAG subs and our world-known superb quality in subbing (read as derp) I wonder how many will apply and how many would pass and evermore, how many would live to work with us? (Advisory: fansubbing is a really tedious and demanding work, given less and you might as well would end up with something like Commie, when they are doing them Crunchy subbed shows}

So apply for the editorial post, NOW! (yes I am demanding it)

if you are feel like we are trying to stir up some dorama again, you arz right. Next season, we will show no mercy.(avoid hadena subs at all cost if you want to live, but we won’t make it horribad, i swear by Jeebus.)


Sorry for hijacking your post Ararararararashi

Hadena, the bane of fansubbing.

Please donate for our ever increasing costs.

Thank you for your support!

We also plan on buying DVD’s for the Movies we want to sub, so we will use some of the money there.

Thanks for your support :)

News:: We want Editors, please apply.

Next season, we will surely do 6 shows, the reason is that we want to bring this team back to life ;p (most of the guys out there want it dead anyway)

Love Lab 05 released.

we are evil



Kimi machi stuck at QC… we might drop this show for:
1. plot failure
2. animation failure
3. chara design failure
4. aand plot failure again…

Hardly exciting, twisted love show,
too much drama.

[Hadena] Love Lab - 03 [720p] [B4A574AB].mkv_snapshot_01.10_[2013.07.19_14.22.19]

picture seems legit… or is it that I’m sleepy?

Love-lab 03 released

This is one of the “better releases” and not like our regular stuff. We are stepping up our game, so don’t whine!



Bot update!

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Hadena: This is what we do!

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